Best Logo Design Lusaka Zambia 2022 

Best Logo Design in Zambia makes your business stand out from the rest. Here at speMEDIA, we have made it our mission to guide you through the logo design process.

We do believe that a strong designed logo that is branded well is very important for any brand that is hoping to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Because of that, you need to find a design partner that knows your business’s goals.

Logo Design

Logo Design Services at speMEDIA

Why Design A Logo With Us?

  • When you choose to work with speMEDIA, you can expect a good graphic design
  •  You will get a custom logo design from the beginning until the end
  • We have graphic designers who are creative and knowledgeable
  • we will work one-on-one with you
  • Zambiaan, in house production
  • Brand expertise for various corporate accounts

Logo Design Services Lusaka, Zambia

We will consult you so that we get to know you and your needs before we start designing a logo for you. Throughout the consultation process, we will guide you, as well as listen to your feedback so that we can make you make a design concept a reality

  1. Graphic design for up to 3 logo concepts
  2. Web, source and vector files (.EPS, .PNG, .PDF, .JPG)
  3. Unique design guaranteed


Logo Design Tips

You need to understand that logo designing is a process. That said you must start off by planning your logo and reviewing the tips that we have listed below from our knowledgeable and creative logo graphic design team.

Start With Good Design

When you think of your logo design concept, you must consider the colours that you want the form, the symbolism, as well as the fonts.

Provide Logo Examples

You will need to make us understand your personal taste, as well as show us other logos that you like. This information will help our logo design team to gather all the inspiration that they need to understand your logo design style. They will then use that by incorporating it into your logo design.

Consider Your Industry

You must understand that sometimes your vision for your logo might not be in line with what’s recognizable for your industry. Because of that, you will need to focus on what speaks to your brand, while at the same time fitting your industry’s recognizable visual markers. A good and well thought out logo design is good for any business card design in Zambia.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

Your logo doesn’t have to be complex or too fancy because it is not your mission statement. That said you should keep it simple because its job is to just introduce the business to customers.

Logo Design Feedback and Revisions

You must understand that our company works differently from other companies. However, the end goal is the same; that is creating the best logo perfect for your brand

Setting Expectations

We have a team of experts who will guide you through consultation, feedback, as well as revision.

The Design Process

As we design your logo, we will go through the creative process and give your design the time that it needs.


Even after the design process has already begun, we will walk with you so as to review the design concept, as well as revise the artwork until it’s exactly what you need.

Here at speMEDIA, we have an experienced team of graphic designers who are there to help you no matter where you are in Zambia. Our team of creative specialists are here for you. Contact us today so that we can design the perfect logo for you!

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